Firm Benefits

SMPS membership offers benefits to members' firms in addition to individual member benefits.

National and Regional Contacts: Access to peers through the SMPS network to facilitate teaming, referrals, and knowledge of the A/E/C practices, trends, and successes.

Professional Development Opportunities: Opportunities to present programs and write white papers as well as conduct funded research are available at the local, regional, and national levels of SMPS. Through involvement in SMPS, your employees can demonstrate the thought leadership and expertise your firm has to offer to clients and team partners.

Emerging Leaders: SMPS offers the emerging leaders in your organization access to the greater A/E/C community, introducing them to industry leaders and fueling their passion for the industry and their profession – critical elements to retain the best talent for your organization. The connections made in SMPS lead directly to business opportunities with clients and teaming partners.