Join the Board of Directors

Wondering how to bring your professional development to the next level? Consider applying for the board of directors. We strive to advance the professional and personal development of our chapter’s membership by growing our education and networking programs. Inland Empire’s board of directors is also responsible for seeing that the chapter remains fiscally responsible for our members today and in the future. And – we have fun! Serving on the board is one of the best ways to connect with other members and learn together. It can be an enriching experience that gives you leadership and growth opportunities you may not have in your day job.

How To Apply

The board of directors are nominated and approved by the chapter membership each spring. With the exception of a few positions, each board member serves for one SMPS year, which turns over in September. To be considered for a board position, you must have previously volunteered for SMPS Inland Empire or another chapter. To be eligible as president you must have served on an SMPS board in another position for one full year.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact President-Elect, Shannon Stewart. You can also check out the full legalese and requirements of each board position in our bylaws.

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